How to repair IMEI of your Android phone with Android change IMEI tool

This is a simple guide to change imei of Android phones or rewrite it, some times in updating or rooting process you can lost your IMEI tool of your Android phone, mostly this happens while updating firmware of your Android. In Android Tips and tricks section we will discuss How to repair IMEI of your android phone or change it with Android change IMEI tool (AKA WRITEIMEI) this tool can easily restore your IMEI with just a few steps.
Last week I bricked my Canvas HD and managed to repair it back by formatting it and updating with a new Stock rom.
Rooting and updating or updating with a stock rom may be each time very risky and fun too. But before doing any kind of work with your like Rooting or updating it’s firm may cause your some IMEI problem in your Android and that can be more complicated for your because Loosing your IMEI may restrict your to using any simcard or service provide in your Android device so that will be more problem after updating your Android you lost your IMEI.
If you are searching for tools to change your IMEI then please note that Changing IMEI is illegal and this place is not for you
Really that sucks but you can repair it easily without any tools Check out how :- Change your IMEI or Rewrite it with just a code.
This is very simple to do with but you can also do it with some Apps in App store and with tools on your desktop/Laptop for those android phones in which the code method does not really work

change imei with Android IMEI change tool

I have done this with two tools they will help you to change/ rewrite IMEI tool of your device,
First one is on play store called VEGA IMEI check the links at the below of the post and second is Android change IMEI tool (AKA writeimei) both are easy to do but Android IMEI change tool is chines language so will have some problem but follow below steps and you can change or rewrite IMEI of your Android device easily with the help of Android IMEI change tool:-
  • First of all download the software from link give below.
  • extract it and open the Bin folder
  • locate “AndroidIMEI change tool.exe” and run it!
  • Connect your Phone with use cable and enable the debugging mode.
  • Now select mode for writing IMEI on your phone.
  • Click on set and select method of generating IMEI tool set it to auto mode.(you can use other mode but they will cause you trouble even after succeeding on it because if you change IMEI you conducted a cyber crime check out this article)
  • Now first click on read then write and you are done you have success full repaired your IMEI.
  • Link VEGA app in app store and IMEI change tool.
    You can use VEGA app to backup your imei and restore it later for future security.
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