Hello Guys.. Here is My little Guide To fix the storage problem like internal or external sdcard is not showing or mounting to PC On Ported Rom.

Things Require :

Stock Rom framework-res.apk Of your Device

Method : 

7zip (easiest Way)

extract the framework-res.apk from your Ported rom (which has storage issue) to desktop or another place

Open the framework-res.apk using 7zip

Then Go to res/xml....... here you will find storage_list.xml

Just replace the storage_list.xml with your stock rom framework-res.apk

that it close the winrar.... add the framework-res.apk to your ported rom install the rom and enjoy

Please Note : After Using This Method on Some Rom the internal and external sdcard get swap like internal become external and external become internal.....
to fix this you have to decompile the framework-res.apk using apktool and then edit the storage_list.xml.....
in storage_list.xml have to just rename the sdcard0 and sdcard1 to sdcard1 and sdcard0 vise versa receptively

Another Storage Problem Solved

For other who has allway problems to found:
The SD entry card is wrong. My external SD card is shown as internal and so, every files like cache, temp files etc. where written to external SD card.
So i have change the the vold.fstab  in system/etc. and change the this two line from:
dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard0 emmc@fat /devices/platform/goldfish_mmc.0 /devices/platform/mtk-msdc.0/mmc_host

dev_mount sdcard2 /storage/sdcard1 auto /devices/platform/goldfish_mmc.1 /devices/platform/mtk-msdc.1/mmc_host

dev_mount sdcard /storage/sdcard1 emmc@fat /devices/platform/goldfish_mmc.0 /devices/platform/mtk-msdc.0/mmc_host

dev_mount sdcard2 /storage/sdcard0 auto /devices/platform/goldfish_mmc.1 /devices/platform/mtk-msdc.1/mmc_host

And now, the cards are correct mounted.

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