MOD] Pure Graphics Tweak

[MOD] Pure Graphics Tweak, Increase AnTuTu benchmarks

Harness the power of your MTK GPU

We all know that if something is beautiful intrigues us and draws us; therefore, if our phone can show the images we see every day in the best way, our user experience improves!!

Each phone has hardware limitations, large or small they are... but also in the low-end devices you can do so much in the SW to improve the user experience.

In what way?

Certainly the various engine tweaks help, but what would happen if the files are being developed that enable every millimeter of the potential of the gpu?
In this case there is the Pure™ Graphic HD system

How does it work?

This system is a. Zip file less than 300 Kb big, that once extracted brings significant improvements to the system graphics. No themes, no apps, only functions that take advantage of the best of our mobile gpu


- Enable GPU rendernig
- Enable dithering but did not affect consumption!!
- Use the GPU for the management of the touch
- Improve video HW render
- It allows you to play ported ARMV7 games without lags problems
- Increase scores on the AnTuTu graphic rank
- In MDPI devices improves the density pixels and brightness
- Eliminates lag system with the generator of video entropy
- Increase touch sensitivity and responsiveness
- Liquify the UI


This Engine should works on any GB/ICS/JB (and I hope KK in future) roms of any devices

Download : Pure Graphics Tweak

Credits :
Jeeko and Ajit

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