[GUIDE]Porting Any Custom Roms[Fastest method][Update for porting MIUI Kitkat]

Hello XDA members, in this guide, i'll give you the easiest way to porting rom for your device, i've broken my porting record by ported 5 roms in less than 1 hour using this method, have enjoy and hope it'll works for you too

What you need ?
- Rom base (CM or AOSP)
- Rom port (any roms that you like to port)
- Apktool (for compiling .apk and .jar files)
- Note++ (for editing .txt and .xml files)
- Winrar or 7zip (for extracting and repacking rom)
- dsixda's Android Kitchen, you really need this to Port MIUI, PAC, and Slimrom
- Open mind and never give up to trying

1. Find the rom port with similar CPU like your device, clock speed doesn't matter here, the important is the number of CPU Cores, if your device is single core, find the single core rom, dual-core with dual-core, etc
2. Forget about screen sizes(4, 5, or 7 inci), the important is screen DPI(pixels destiny) you can port rom from tablet or devices that have bigger/smaller screen sizes
> etc
3. Same Android SDK version(Check in build.prop)
Example, you can port Android 4.4.3 using Android 4.4.2
4. GSM and GSM, CDMA and CDMA

Step by step
Extract booth of the roms(rom base and rom port)

> In rom port folder <

1. Delete all files and folders except "system" folder

2. Delete these folders and files in system
> tts
> usr
> vendor
> build.prop

3. Delete these folders in system/etc
> Bluetooth
> Firmware (if exist)
> Wifi

4. Delete these folders in system/lib
> hw
> modules

5. Go to system/framework
> Open framework-res.apk
> Go to res/xml
> Replace storage-list.xml with your rom base

> In rom base folder <

1. Copy all files and folders except "system" to rom port folder

2. Copy these folders and files in system folder to rom port system folder
> tts
> usr
> vendor
> build.prop

3. Copy these folders in system/etc to rom port system/etc
> Bluetooth
> Firmware (if exist)
> Wifi

4. Copy these folders in system/lib to rom port system/lib
> hw
> modules

Repack the rom then flash it in the recovery

Now the rom port should booted(to menu) now, not stuck on bootanimation anymore

if you still stuck on bootanimation, check bootclasspath in boot.img, unpack it, and check in "init.environ.rc", use note++ to edit it, there's must be something miss there

If the rom doesn't boot to menu or stuck on manufacturer logo(LG, Sony, Samsung, etc), find the same rom port from other devices. I've this experience while porting Liquid Smooth, then i used other devices and it's booted

Notes :
If you successful ported the rom, please do these before your releasing your ROM
> Ask the permission from the developers of the rom base and rom port
> Give credit for them
> And give credit for me too if you using this guide
> And don't forget to hit THANKS button

For porting MIUI Kitkat, you need to unpack boot.img from both roms, then do these
- Copy paste init.miui.rc from rom port to rom base ramdisk folder
- Open init.rc from both roms, then compare it, there's some line you need to be edited...
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